Classes must be paid for when you sign up to ensure space and to make sure we have sufficient material. You can come in or call with a credit card. Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours before class begins for a refund. If we cancel the class you will get a full refund.

Classes are listed in order of the date they are offered.

 Please, for the comfort of all, turn off your cell phones during class.


Skill Builder Classes Knit 3 beautiful blocks every 3 months for a total of 12 different designs. You will learn a different knitting technique with each piece and when you are finished, you will assemble them into a lovely lap throw. (You will be proud to give this as a Christmas gift.) 

In the first class you will get started on your first square and discuss the next two that you will make. In the rest of the classes you will continue building your skills with each square.

The first class is $40 which includes a $20 book with the patterns in it. You supply the yarn and needles.  The successive 3 classes are $15 each. You can call a few days before these last 3 classes and pay for them at that time. The dates are Thursdays - March 17, June 16, September 15 and December 8. All classes are 5:30pm to 8pm.

PLEASE NOTE: We will be offering another "1st class" on Thursday, April 28 from 5:30 pm to 8pm. You will have plenty of time to finish your 1st pieces in time for the 2nd class. This class was very popular the first time so, sign up soon.

Beyond the Basics: Textured Weaves 

Take the next step beyond the basic plain weave, and learn a variety of techniques to add spice to your projects. Working with a pick up stick, this class includes loop pile, leno, brooks bouquet, warp and weft floats, tapestry effects, and hemstitching. In addition, weavers will be introduced to planning concepts, textural considerations and reading warp and weft color charts. 

Students must have their own loom and two shuttles.  The loom must be warped prior to the class. If you need help, come in and we will help you get set up. 

All weaving classes will resume in late summer or early fall.  Stay tuned.

2 fabulous spinning classes

Beginning Spinning -  1st picture above

Learn to spin on a drop spindle and spinning wheel.  This class will meet 2 times. During the first class you will learn how to spin on a drop spindle, learn the parts of a spinning wheel and how they work, and then begin spinning on the wheel. 

In the next class, you will learn about different wools and other fibers, the difference between roving and top, wool preparation and continue to develop your spinning skills.  By the end of the classes you will be able to spin a continuous thread.
$45 includes the use of spindles and wheels during the classes. 4 oz of roving and grease fleece will also be provided by the instructor. A $100 refundable deposit will be required for students to take home the wheels.

We will have new classes in June - check later.

Fractal spinning - 2nd picture above

NOTE:   The date for this class will be in June. Stay tuned.

Spin beautiful braids and hand dyed fibers without the fear of mud when you ply them. You will learn to manipulate the fibers to get the most from your material.

Requirements: you must have a wheel in good working condition and be able to spin a continuous yarn.


The Palindrome Warp Pillow

Ever purchased a beautiful hand dyed skein of yarn and found that it turned to mud once you knit or weave it together? Try a “palindrome” warp. A palindrome is a word spelled the same forward as backwards. Applied to warping, this technique makes the most of those beautiful colors. You’ll want to make pillows to throw all over your home! Use this technique for scarves, garments, etc. A fun and easy follow up to Introduction to Weaving. 

In this class we will make a pillow or scarf using a palindrome warp.  Student must have own loom with 15" weaving width and 10 dent reed.  

All weaving classes will resume in early fall.


Learn to Crochet or Knit.  Private Lessons are available for $25/hour.  Learn  crochet or knit stitches, the basics of pattern reading or bring your pattern if you have something you want to make.  Call to schedule your private lesson today. We can sign you up for Wednesday evening from 6 - 7 or Thursday morning from 9 to 10.